Sarah and Michael - Saint John Wedding Photography

Having grown up in the Saint John fog, whenever I'm getting ready for a wedding there I cross my fingers and toes for good weather (and maybe throw in a rabbit's foot for good measure). Whatever it was, something worked for Sarah and Michael. It was a beautiful sunny day for a wedding. I'm not sure that Sarah and Michael would have even noticed if it had been raining though, they were just so happy to be getting married. It is really fun to see couples getting married who are so clearly such great friends to each other too. You could see even before the ceremony was over, with their whispering and smiles during the license signing, that they were not just excited to be getting married but to be sharing the celebration together. And with friends and family flying in from around the world, they clearly weren't the only ones who were happy to be there to celebrate the start of their lives together. Congratulations again Sarah and Michael! [blogshow id=4686 player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=1]