Katelyn and Julien - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia wedding photography

It feels like -25C outside this morning so I'm happy to be comfortably inside looking through pictures of warmer times. Hopefully the pictures of this beautiful wedding will warm you a little today too. It was so nice to be involved in Katelyn and Julien's wedding. Katelyn grew up here and Julien is from Montreal. I loved seeing the family and friends from Montreal mingling with the family and friends from Yarmouth, joining together in their support for Katelyn and Julien. And it was easy to see why everyone was so happy for them. They both are incredibly friendly and warm people who were an absolute delight to get to know and seem perfectly suited for each other. When Julien saw Katelyn coming down the aisle he just lit right up. They were just so happy to be together and to be getting married.

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