Jessie and Lyndon - Clare, Nova Scotia wedding photography

Jessie and Lyndon's wedding was a great way to kick off this year's wedding season. They're a lovely couple who were so fun to work with. Family and friends from across the country came to celebrate with them in style. Even a freshly broken arm couldn't keep their best man from being there for them! And their twin boys made the cutest little ringbearers!  Enjoy these highlights from their beautiful day! 


New Website Design!

Here's a quick summary about what's been happening here with my site. I've changed just about everything so it will take some time to get some of the content caught up. As I'm also in the midst of my busy shooting and editing season (hooray for my awesome wedding couples!) some new work will be showing up as I continue to fill out the older content. 

The client galleries have stayed the same so you can either use your direct link or click on 'Purchase' up top to find your pictures. 

The Pricing page should be up within a day or so. Get in touch if you have any questions in the meantime. 

As always, if you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask. E-mail (, call or text (902-746-3446), or use the submission form on the Contact page. 

And in the spirit of sharing some new work, here's one of Danny wiping a tear off of Brittney's cheek during their beautiful wedding a couple weeks ago. 


Southwest NS Photo Shoot 2016

A few years ago, inspired by my friend Barb who was doing a similar thing in Saint John, I organized a photo shoot where a few photographers got together with a few models to make pictures for the afternoon. Some hair stylists and a makeup artist volunteered to get the models ready. Everyone had a great time and we did it again the next year. And now, after a hiatus of a couple of years, the Southwest NS Photo Shoot is back. The day started early, with the models arriving to The Style Merchant to start their preparation. The team there was incredible. Along with owner Krista Smith, there were three hairstylists and two makeup artists ready to help out. Even though they were back at work early on a day off, everyone was really welcoming and super helpful. And the job they did with the hair styling and makeup was phenomenal. And in addition to the hair and makeup, The Style Merchant also provided us with clothing and the location for the shoot. I'm incredibly thankful for all that Krista and the rest of the team there provided. We were a big crew with six models, four photographers, and a videographer invading their space but we really were made to feel right at home.

While a lot of us photographers in the area know each other, it is rare that we get to shoot together. It's a lot fun to have an excuse to get together but also get to see how someone else manages the same lighting situation. We had enough space and variety of shooting locations within the building that we weren't tripping over each other, but we also could help each other out. The other photographers that were there were Clifton Saulnier, Michael Carty, and Sue Hutchins. This year we also had Haley D with us doing some behind the scenes video (and helping out with the styling and wardrobe). You can check out the video below.

I'm really, really happy with the images that I ended up with out of this shoot. I have a tonne more that I could share. It was really hard to narrow it down to these few favourites but I didn't want to make you scroll forever.

When I organize these shoots, I'm always amazed at how willing everyone is to help out. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved!

Models: Ashley Goodwin, Sarah Gagnon, Ingrid D'Eon, Stephanie Surette, Taylor Meaghan Winters, and Laura Goodwin. Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe, Styling: Krista Smith, Mikey Spinney, Desiree Therrien, Faith Greene, Caitlin Weagle, Kate Hayden Videography, Styling, Wardrobe: Haley D

SWNS Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes from Haley D on Vimeo.

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