My Backyard and In the Gardens

This is my favourite time of year in our yard. It's a big job getting our gardens ready for summer. This year I've been replacing the wood in our raised herb and vegetable beds too. P and T were pretty excited when the dump truck arrived yesterday with the dirt and compost. P even got to press the button to dump the dirt. T immediately grabbed a shovel and started yelling, "Hurry! It's quick-setting dirt!" (We have a cute book about a family who has some quick-setting concrete delivered) It's also my favourite time of year to photograph in the garden. I like it just before the tulips burst into full colour, when the gardens are a carpet of green (and the weeds aren't at full strength). I'm sure the neighbours think I'm nuts when they look out and see me crawling around on my belly in my old bright red raincoat. I'm also involved with another garden project right now. It's a show at the Yarmouth Branch of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia that is called 'In the Gardens'. Yarmouth Garden Club members  have been teamed up with a writer, a painter, and a photographer who each create a work based on that garden. I had the opportunity to work in Judy and Earl Raynard's garden on the Tusket river in Raynardton. It's an absolutely gorgeous spot with lots of history. I'll post some of my shots from there closer to the opening of the show. The works are all going to be on display in the community room from June 13th until July 27th. There will be a reception on June 20th from 5-7pm. [blogshow id=454e player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=0]