Firefighters' Museum Show

This past week I put up a show at the Firefighters' Museum here in Yarmouth. It was a blustery day and at least a couple of my canvases had a real chance of blowing into the harbour the morning I was delivering them. But they're all up and ready for your visit. My first visit to the museum was an outing for our local photo club and I was immediately interested when they asked me if I wanted to show some pictures there. The Firefighters' Museum is part of The Nova Scotia Museum and the objects they have on display come from various parts of the province. I think my favourite things there are all the old photos (not surprising) and the case of old toys. It is definitely worth a visit anytime (even when my pictures aren't there). Here's a link to their website and their Facebook Group. The museum is open 9-4 Monday to Friday and 1-4 on Saturdays. As an added incentive to get you motivated, I'm giving away a set of three small canvases to someone who visits this month (my show is up until April 30th). There are ballots there to fill out when you stop by. You can see the canvases in the picture below.

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