snowy walk in the woods

We've been trying to grab onto as much snowy winter fun as we can while the snow is here (tomorrow's rain will be washing it away). Even on those bone-chilling days last week we wrapped everyone up snugly and headed outside. It's been mostly sledding. P is a surprising daredevil, trying to go as fast as possible and aiming for jumps. This is the kid who normally says, 'That looks too risky!' We even got some sledding in last night after supper as the sun was setting. This morning, though, T and I headed for the woods. Chebogue Meadows trail is beautiful any time of year but it's my favourite place to go in winter. When everything is covered in a blanket of snow, it really is a storybook walk in the woods . I wanted T to be able to just enjoy being in the forest so I took my camera and let him wander. We only made it a couple hundred metres down the path but we both had a wonderful time. And, I got what is probably my favourite picture of him so far. T in the woods