Shannon and Jon - Yarmouth wedding photography

Writing the words for these posts about weddings can be really tricky for me. Today I've been struggling to find the words to explain how beautiful it was to see Shannon and Jon come together and get married. I would like these posts to somehow show each time how special it is to me to be involved. To somehow reveal how even in the face of tradition and ceremony how the couples' personality always shines through and makes every wedding special, regardless of what colours things were or where it took place. It's hard to do that and not sound cliché or say the same things over and over. I think that's why I really enjoy sharing the pictures because I think they do a much better job than my writing ever could of what the day was and who these two fabulous people are. So, for now, I'm going to stop writing and say what's always said but can really mean so much, Congratulations Shannon and Jon! I truly wish you all the best. [blogshow id=458f player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=1]