Merry Christmas!

Graham Family 2015 web Merry Christmas everyone! Our last few weeks have been filled with Christmas concerts, decorating, skating, gingerbread house making, and on and on. It may be 11 degrees and rainy out but we're making the most of it. The boys are so excited! One of my favourites things has been seeing the boys trying to find a present for each other. They were both so sweet about it.

I want to thank all of you that I had the chance to work with this year. I am truly honoured when I am asked to capture your wedding memories or this moment in time for your family. I am really looking forward to next year and have some big projects that I'm looking forward to getting a start on.

These are some of the family pictures from our little mini-session to get our Christmas card picture. There were about 1000 outtakes (and I've included a couple at the bottom) but I'm really happy with these ones I got of the boys. One of my goals for 2016 is to get out my real cameras more often for pictures of the boys (and then to get them printed so they don't just disappear into black hole of 0s and 1s on my computer). A couple of the chickens even snuck in for a couple.

This year has also had me thinking a lot about folks who find this the darkest time of the year. If that is you, I hope that this is truly the solstice time for you and that your darkest nights will start to ease.

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