Megan and Julian - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Wedding Photography

Megan and Julian are really good friends of ours. We've shared a lot of meals and played a lot of board games together. They're two of the most intelligent, thoughtful, and compassionate people that I've ever met. When they let me know that they would like me to do their pictures, they also wanted me to know that if I preferred I could just come as a guest instead, which I thought was really considerate. I'm really glad that I decided to be their photographer. It was really special to be able to be the one capturing the moments of their wedding. The wedding was perfect. Megan and Julian met because of music and music was a big part of their wedding. There was a cello quartet made up of Julian's family members and a five piece brass band that played for the ceremony. One of Megan's family also played guitar and sang. The brass band played for cocktail hour on the lawn and the cellos were back to accompany Julian's sister-in-law singing at the reception. The day wrapped up with an 18 piece swing orchestra playing for the dance. It was incredibly beautiful, and fun, and perfectly suited to their day. There were so many personal touches, from the handmade decorations to Julian's brother baking the cake.

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