Heidi and Brandon - Yarmouth engagement photography

When Heidi booked this engagement session for the end of March, I was hoping we might get a nice, warm Spring day. Maybe even the first signs of green on the trees. Instead, we had to postpone a day because of a snowstorm and ended up with this snowy wintery feel to the pictures. I wasn't disappointed though because I knew beforehand that Heidi likes snow pictures. When we started the session, it quickly became clear that the weather wouldn't have mattered a bit. Even in a hurricane, these two would be happy to be together, getting more and more excited for their upcoming wedding. They made it fun to be trudging through the fresh snow at the end of March. I'm really looking forward to their wedding in August (and I can guarantee no snow). You can check out their slideshow here! [blogshow id=46c4 player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=0]