Happy March!

I should be used to it by now, but February always surprises me by seeming to disappear quickly (a little less every four years I guess). So, Happy March! March is a bit of a psychological turning point around here. The snowdrops are poking through and we can start eating out of our garden again (it may be only chives for a while, but every little bit counts). Spring is on its way and there's not much more encouraging than that. I picked up a new lens and a softbox recently so I tried them out on my usual guinea pigs subjects. The puzzles the boys are working on in the pictures are Valentine's notes mailed to them by a sweet friend in Toronto. They were very excited about them. I think it may be the first puzzle P has ever really stuck with until it was finished.

A few of us are getting together to do another SouthWest NS Photo Shoot this weekend. This time we're inspired by the 20's and I'm really looking forward to what we'll come up with. I've been absolutely amazed again by how people are willing to help make something happen.

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